About us

Eurofins is a life sciences company specialising in analytical testing and advisory services to clients from a wide range of industries including the pharmaceutical, food and environmental sectors.

Eurofins is:
  • the global leader in food testing.
  • among the leading global laboratory groups serving the pharmaceutical industry.
  • the number one in Europe for environmental testing.

Short History
Eurofins Scientific was founded in 1987 with 12 employees to market the SNIF-NMR technology, a patented analytical method used to verify the origin and purity of several types of food and beverages to detect a sophisticated fraud.Today, Eurofins has more than 15000 employees working in  190 laboratories across 36 countries located in Europe, the USA, Asia and South-America. Eurofins has a portfolio of over 100,000 reliable analytical methods and more than 100 million assays are performed per year to establish the safety, composition, authenticity, origin, traceability, identity and purity of biological substances.

The Eurofins Group is now a leading global provider of analytical services.

In Norway we have two divisions. Eurofins Food & Agro Testing Norway AS and Eurofins Environment Testing Norway AS. We are located in: Moss, Bergen, Klepp, Trondheim, Ålesund and Kristiansand

Eurofins Online (result services)

You can easy get you result at our Online services. For access: get user name and password: Food analyses and/or  Environment analyses


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