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Proficiency testing

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What is Proficiency Testing?

Proficiency testing (PT) is a part of the continuous quality assurance of a laboratory’s analytical results. This is an external quality control that demonstrates the laboratory's overall ability to analyze and report correct answers on agreed parameters over time.

Eurofins Food & Feed Testing offers PT in microbiology for foods and simulated water. The test material is either dry natural foods or freeze dried ampoules produced by IMF Quality Services Pty. Ltd, Australia. The PT program is accredited according to NS-EN ISO / IEC 17043.

Last valid accreditation document is available at the Norwegian Accreditation website

Why participate in PT trials?

Analysis of PT samples is used for a number of purposes, typically:

  • To identify problems and initiate improvements in the Laboratory
  • To compare different Methods
  • For educational purposes
  • Provide confidence to customers
  • PT trials are well suited to test new methods or equipment before taken into use

How is the PT program organized?

The PT programs are organized 4 times a year. Participants choose which analyzes they will perform and which rounds they wish to participate in. There will be sent out two reports afterwards; a preliminary report and a final report. The final report includes results and graphical representations from the trial, so that participants can compare their own results with other participants. Participating laboratories' identity is confidential.

Our experience shows that this form of quality assurance provides good results for the participants, and is a very successful measure in term of quality assurance. Eurofins Food & Feed Testing is Norway's largest nationwide routine laboratory for food products. We have been a supporter to the food industry for more than 60 years and organized proficiency testing trials for microbiological analyses for more than 20 years.

Details regarding date of the trials, registration and costs can be found here:

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Registration Proficiency Testing

Please contact us for more information

Nina Skammelsrud
SLP Leder/PT Manager
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Therese Lundberg
SLP koordinator/PT Coordinator
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