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Why Are Expected Values Important When Testing For Vitamins?

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When we ask for expected values this is mainly due to two things:

  1. Being able to get the test through as fast as possible with the best results possible
  2. Having an additional quality check on your results
  1. When a sample is being weighed it, is necessary for us to know the level of vitamins in the sample so that we can weigh out the correct amount of sample, which is then taking into work in the laboratory.

    During the analysis most samples has to be either diluted and/or concentrated. In order to do this properly it is important to know the level of the vitamin content. If the concentration or dilution is not done correctly, there is a risk of overload in the analytical machines or to have the sample diluted too much so no results can be obtained.

    If the dilution is not carried out correctly, the sample needs to be retested using another dilution, which will of course delay the reporting of results.

    A very critical situation can occur if a sample with high vitamin content is not declared; in such case it is possible that this sample causes a carry-over of vitamins and thus contaminates the following analytical tests sat up in the same sequence. In worst cases the whole production line is contaminated by an undeclared high content sample and we must close down and clean the line over several days which are causing a delay for many other customers as well.

    We do everything we can to prevent such situations.

  2. When the sample has been analyzed and the result is ready to be reported, it will be assessed whether the result meets the defined quality requirements by having QC samples, the full sequence, the chromatography etc. is checked.

    Then, when all the final results are available for one sample, it is passed to an Analytical Service Manager who finally evaluates the results of all ordered parameters. The expected values will help to evaluate and validate the final results, and indicates in case the result is far from the expected value, maybe an error could have occurred during the analytical testing?

    In some cases this could initiate an internal verification of the result out of specification. In case there are no expected values available, then a good and precise sample description is absolutely necessary.

Our goal is always to analyse all samples with correct starting point (to dilute or to concentrate?), to get the best results in the expected turnaround time for the samples.

However, with no expected values this is difficult.
We will ask for your understanding of this need for information, and for the future, we cannot start to analyse any samples without information regarding expected values. If you send a sample without information of expected values we will from September 2019 start to put a fee on the sample, the fee will be 150,- NOK eks.mva.

If you have any question regading this information, please contact your customer service center.

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Eirin Schrøder
Business Unit Manager Chemistry